Why Coaching vs Therapy?

In our role as therapists, we’ve noticed that many clients who seek counseling do not exhibit all the symptoms required a for a formal psychological diagnosis. Although these clients are experiencing challenges, they are functioning well and are certainly not suffering from a pathology.

This concerns us because many clients receive a psychological diagnosis simply to satisfy insurance company requirements so that therapists can get paid. As a result, clients are labeled with a “diagnosis” (which equates to a disorder) even though they don’t meet all the necessary criteria.  With the implementation of electronic medical record systems now being used by virtually everyone in the medical profession, no diagnosis goes away.  

We believe there’s a better way…coaching. 

What is Stoa Life Mindset Coaching?

Our coaching system teaches you how to break negative belief patterns, think more clearly, act more decisively, and set clear goals to achieve what you want from life. We help you make measurable progress. This includes feeling better day-to-day, improving relationships, careers, and coping with common stressors.

Our Mindset coaching is grounded in Cognitive Behavioral Theory and Stoicism.

Cognitive Behavioral Theory has been put to the test through research and practical application. It’s been recognized as exceptionally effective in helping people achieve clarity of mind and sustained peace. Once a state of calm and contentment is reached, clients can effectively identify and achieve their life goals. 

The second foundational component of our coaching process is Stoicism.  Stoicism is a time-tested life philosophy that emphasizes a practical approach on how to live your best life. This philosophy has been embraced by elite athletes, business captains, and world leaders.

We use these two foundational elements to create a teachable system that you can learn and apply to your life…for the rest of your life.

Note: Coaching is not a replacement for therapy. The American Psychological Association defines therapy as “treatment of mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders through psychological means.”  Examples of clinical disorders include Major Depressive Episodes, Personality Disorders, Compulsive behaviors, Addictions, thoughts and acts of self-harm.  If you are not sure whether you need counseling or therapy, please seek an evaluation.

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