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Choosing a therapist can be confusing.  What follows is information about how we work at Stoa Life.

Many clinicians in the U.S. refer to themselves as eclectic which means they incorporate many different therapeutic styles in their treatment model.  Being less concerned with variety, our goal at Stoa Life has been to utilize only those therapy styles that have been scientifically proven to work quickly and effectively.  Consequently, we rely heavily on two cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) models:

  • Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT) created by Albert Ellis
  • Rational Living Therapy (RLT) created by Aldo Pucci.

Ellis and Pucci drew extensively from the timeless principles of Stoicism in the development of REBT and RLT.  Incredibly resilient individuals throughout history have drawn strength and wisdom from the ancient Greek philosophical school of Stoicism.  Today, Stoicism has been considered by many to be the “operating system” for thriving in high-stress environments like the U.S. military, professional athletics, business leadership, and Silicon Valley entrepreneurs.

CBT therapies are the most researched and evidenced-based therapies in the world.  REBT and RLT are considered by many to be the gold standard of treatment for anxiety, depression, anger, trauma, grief, and many other symptoms and conditions.

The average number of sessions to complete treatment is 16; however, this varies with each client.  Many clients have said they start feeling better in as few as three or four sessions.

The success of this therapy is not a secret. we teach you how to do it for yourself!

We never want you wondering what’s happening in your therapy sessions.  Our process includes three defined phases, and we explain this to you so you’ll always know where you are in the course of treatment.  Throughout the process, we teach you how to effectively counsel yourself.

Our goal is for you to never have to seek therapy again.

Together, we’ll work through your troubling symptoms while you’re learning a practical philosophy that you can lean on for the rest of your life.

At Stoa Life our goal is to help you not just feel better but actually get better.

Our Providers

Catherine Hunt CBT specialist Lakeland, FL
Catherine Hunt
Rational Emotive Behavior Specialist David Hernandez
David Hernandez

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